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Recruitment agencies are now deeply ingrained in the IT market landscape. Many companies use such services either consistently or on an ad-hoc basis. Due to the high demand, this industry is continuously evolving, creating opportunities for improving quality and implementing innovations. One such innovation we consider is operating in a subscription model, allowing for a deep understanding of the needs of the companies we work with. This provides significant value, enabling the creation of highly effective recruitment processes.

However, excellent knowledge of the employer is not always the most effective solution for addressing communication issues between candidates and employers. That’s why we have decided to approach this issue unconventionally, focusing not only on the company’s perspective but also on the candidate’s perspective. Ultimately, this approach brings significant business value.

Challenges in the IT Recruitment Industry

Working in recruitment often involves situations where employers are uncertain about whom they are seeking. This isn’t necessarily due to ill intentions; even when employers take the time to define their needs, these are often well-defined from a business perspective. However, those managing companies often lack specialized technical knowledge, and even if they have a technical background, their focus on business development and team management doesn’t always provide them with all the necessary information. Business perspectives can define desired outcomes and organizational aspects, but they may not suffice to create a comprehensive job posting. The absence of precise information regarding technologies, tools, or requirements can be frustrating for candidates.

Additionally, recruiters without technical knowledge can sometimes create job listings that are technically incorrect. This doesn’t necessarily involve obvious and often ridiculed mistakes like confusing Java with JavaScript, but rather inaccuracies in differentiating concepts or tools used at various stages of software development. The IT industry evolves rapidly, so even with diligent preparation and mastering the key concepts of a chosen technology or domain, recruiters can encounter unfamiliar terms, especially since recruiters often deal with multiple programming languages to stay up-to-date.

This isn’t the end of the problems. In some cases, CVs or LinkedIn profiles are written in such a specialized language that it’s challenging to guarantee a suitable job offer without advanced technical knowledge. This is closely tied to the previously mentioned lack of technical knowledge and the constant changes in the industry. Some even say that a new framework for Front-end Developers is published every few minutes. Therefore, it’s difficult to expect everyone, including domain specialists working with code, to recognize every concept or even groups of concepts, let alone non-technical individuals, whether in the context of job postings or reviewing a candidate’s application.

Who Knows Best What a Programmer Needs to Change Jobs?

We Found the Answer to That Question!

Meet Jasiek!

Jasiek Petryk is a Full-stack Java Developer who provides our answer to many industry challenges. He has been working closely with us for almost a year now, assisting in client communication and overseeing the recruitment team’s work to ensure that their efforts align with the needs of a programmer – which he happens to be himself!

His contribution is invaluable and supports us in various ways. Here are some notable aspects:

Advocating for the Candidate’s Perspective:

One of the key steps in designing services tailored to the audience’s needs is empathy. This involves understanding the perspective of the target group, their needs, feelings, which can be mapped into the candidate’s journey. In the case of a recruitment agency, not only the employer is the client; the candidate is as well. Unfortunately, we don’t have a natural way to explore their needs. Therefore, we naturally focus on providing recruitment services. Here, Jasiek comes to our aid, providing insights gathered through his programming perspective. He shares data on the experiences of programmers in the job market. Thanks to this, we aim to design all candidate touchpoints to consider the perspective of IT specialists.

Helping to Define Client Requirements:

Jasiek doesn’t forget about our clients. To improve the quality of our services, he’s involved from the beginning of client discussions. This helps us throughout the relationship to ask questions aimed at the candidate’s needs. At the same time, employers highly value his input, as he often helps clarify their requirements. He systematizes and specifies information, adds technical context, and thoroughly understands the needs discussed. This allows a complete understanding of what a particular company needs. He also provides information about the opportunities offered by the IT market, helping companies make the best decisions and offering advice when needed.

Reviewing Job Postings:

After gathering essential information for both employers and candidates and preparing for the recruitment process, recruiters begin their work. At the beginning, they must prepare job postings that contain crucial information, are accurate, and appealing. At this stage, Jasiek also supports us with his knowledge. He reviews job listings to ensure they are as accessible as they are effective.

Training the Recruitment Team:

Technically, he hasn’t conducted any official training yet, but he’s preparing for it. In the meantime, during the analysis of job profiles, job posting preparation, or candidate application analysis, he patiently explains the intricacies of the IT industry. This constantly enhances the team’s knowledge during their ongoing work. Soon, he’ll be able to boast about conducting an official presentation.

Why Does Jasiek Do This, and What Else Do You Need to Know About Him?

Reading about Jasiek’s actions may raise the question, “Why is he doing this?” It’s a valid question – after all, he’s a programmer with many daily challenges, and IT industry salaries have almost become legendary, so additional work shouldn’t be necessary for him. And indeed, it isn’t. However, collaboration with Scale Up offers Jasiek an additional opportunity for development, which he highly values. After all, it’s not every day at work that he can name and teach about things that are obvious to him. Moreover, by participating in client meetings, Jasiek can acquire additional skills in selling services and interacting with clients. These are competencies that greatly benefit even a programmer. To top it all off, Jasiek can fulfill another additional role. If you’re wondering how he finds time for additional activities, consider how differently time flows when pursuing your passion. Jasiek is also responsible for bringing some greenery into our office! Besides watching Formula 1 with bated breath and tasting various craft beers, he loves plants! Of course, like everyone, he needs to take a break from selecting the perfect composition of green leaves in the space. In such moments, you can find Jasiek somewhere in the East, exploring neighboring cultures.

Learn More About Jasiek and Us!

Jasiek is an amazing and versatile specialist who contributes daily to the development of Scale Up. At the same time, the role he plays in supporting our work is seen as an incredible convenience and innovation among recruitment agency services. If you’d like to learn more about Jasiek and get closer to his journey, you can always visit his LinkedIn profile and reach out to him – he’s happy to answer any questions. If you feel that Scale Up can provide some value, feel free to contact us directly. Then, you’ll probably have a chance to get to know Jasiek in person!

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