Express Hiring of 3 Developers – NeuroSYS Case Study

How to Recruit for a Cool Software House?

We specialize in efficient and effective recruitment. We have a unique process of understanding our clients and their needs, allowing us to provide tailored offers to candidates. We also have our preferences – for responsive companies that are eager to process the proposed candidates, work is more enjoyable and efficient. The case study of our collaboration with NeuroSYS is an exemplary demonstration of highly effective Scale Up actions and excellent and efficient client cooperation, which is best demonstrated through numbers.

About the Company

NeuroSYS is a Wroclaw-based software house with approximately 120 employees and a branch in Bialystok, specializing in creating customized IT solutions for clients worldwide. They utilize the latest tools and technologies in their projects. Furthermore, they are actively developing their Research Department, focusing on deep learning, artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), and solutions for both scientific and commercial applications. NeuroSYS also originates two product brands – Samelane, an e-learning platform, and NSFlow, used for employee training in the industry using augmented reality (AR).

How Did Our Collaboration Look?

It took four days from the initial contact to discuss and sign the agreement. Two days after signing the agreement, Klaudia – IT Recruiter from NeuroSYS, familiarized herself with our recruiter. This stage involved gathering information about the company and the recruitment process. From our perspective, this is a crucial moment. Thanks to it, we can provide specific information and proposals to the candidate. During the direct search and other recruitment activities, we can answer questions honestly and present candidates tailored to their needs and genuinely interested in collaboration. From this point, we also initiated two recruitment processes – for a DevOps Engineer and a Node.js Developer.

Within seven working days of establishing requirements, NeuroSYS received four candidates for the DevOps Engineer position from us. Feedback? Two individuals were immediately invited to the next stage. Two weeks later – despite the extended processes on both the company and candidate sides due to the May holidays – we received feedback about the candidate offers.

It took thirteen working days to send four candidates for the Node.js Developer position. Again, two of them received positive feedback immediately, and two weeks later, we received news of the hiring of both specialists.

What Can We Conclude? 

Six weeks with NeuroSYS were enough to establish initial contact, understand the client’s needs, discuss our agreement, start two recruitment processes, present eight candidates, of which four were invited for further recruitment, resulting in the hiring of three of them – all within less than a month. Time to open the Prosecco!

Why Was This Collaboration So Successful?

What we emphasize and will continue to emphasize is that the effectiveness of our actions is possible thanks to well-designed questions that allow us to understand the needs of companies and how they operate. This enables us to present very well-suited candidates in the next stage, which is our key task from the client’s perspective. From the organization’s side, a significant factor contributing to recruitment success is the efficient processing of interested specialists.

We highly value collaboration with companies that provide prompt feedback for several reasons:

  • We can close recruitment processes quickly.
  • We expand our portfolio with more satisfied clients.
  • We build sincere and partnership-oriented relationships with our candidate network.
  • We work towards solidifying our position in the market as an effective agency.
  • We derive greater satisfaction from our efficient work.
  • We are more motivated for further actions.

In response to the titular question – when recruiting for an attractive and responsive software house, it is possible to do it very effectively and incredibly quickly!

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