How do we support our clients during summer vacation time? – Growbots Case Study

Recruitment needs change throughout the year, and in some companies, there may be a slowdown due to holiday or vacation periods, while in others, processes ramp up to attract candidates best suited for project needs. However, what happens when internal recruiters are already halfway out the door or packing their climbing gear, and suddenly there’s a need to conduct a recruitment process with no time to spare?

Facing a similar challenge last year, precisely during the holiday season, was our client – Growbots. Growbots is a product company that integrates company data worldwide with an automated outreach solution, allowing their clients to connect with potential customers instantly. They needed support in managing the recruitment processes for UX/UI Designers and Python Developers. This collaboration was quite close – one of our recruiters joined our client’s HR ranks and became part of their internal recruitment team. Her responsibilities included:

  • Verification of candidates who responded to the job posting
  • Conducting recruitment interviews
  • Maintaining constant communication with individuals involved in the recruitment process on the client’s side to ensure a smooth transition of candidates through the recruitment stages
  • Collecting recruitment tasks from candidates (if the role required it)
  • Providing feedback to candidates after each stage
  • Sourcing to ensure a continuous flow of candidates
  • Overseeing formal matters to facilitate hiring

This comprehensive recruitment service and support offer several benefits to the client. They receive a specialized recruiter, which is an excellent solution for temporary staffing gaps (e.g., when employees are on vacation) or when they cannot afford to hire a full-time recruiter. At the same time, the collaboration is defined for a specific time frame or scope of responsibilities, and the client can utilize it as needed in the future when the need arises.

In this case, as well as in any other instance where we enter into such a partnership, Scale Up provides a dedicated recruiter who primarily focuses on serving the client. Our standard operating procedure involves initiating recruitment processes in the early days of providing services to the client. This approach eliminates the need for a time buffer for organizational matters that could delay candidate search. It accelerates the execution of recruitment processes and provides a sense of proper care to both our business partners and the candidates participating in the process.

For such a collaboration to be possible, Growbots also had to provide us with several elements to facilitate our work. First and foremost, they delegated a point of contact to us. Aleksandra, People Operations Manager at Growbots, onboarded our recruiter into the organization’s recruitment activities. Our recruiter gained access to the company’s ATS (Applicant Tracking System), was introduced to the individuals with whom she would be conducting the recruitments, and received access to their calendars and the company’s Slack workspace – all to ensure that the collaboration runs as smoothly as possible.

Regular online meetings were established to keep the client informed about recruitment progress, serving as a space for exchanging insights and improving communication. Before the start of the collaboration, we also met with the client, as is our standard practice, to understand their needs and the organization’s functioning. We received a complete set of information about the roles we needed to fill to swiftly deliver the best-matched candidates. This allowed us to jointly set collaboration goals and smoothly proceed with their realization.

Our collaboration resulted in the successful hiring of individuals for Account Executive Team Leadership and Python Development roles at various experience levels. We had the opportunity to address staffing gaps during the holiday season and enable the smooth execution of projects after the holidays when new employees joined the organization.

To summarize our collaboration, Aleksandra Podniesińska, People Operations Manager, shared her insights, which we would like to pass on:

Several intense months of collaboration with Scale Up have led to satisfying our recruitment needs in the product team. The RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) model worked exceptionally well because the recruiter managed the recruitment processes from start to finish, gaining insights into how we operate day-to-day, the culture we foster, and aim to create 🙂 The entire team I interacted with consisted of professionals with whom we managed to establish a partnership. I knew I was talking to individuals who are experts in their field and capable of taking care of such critical roles for us.

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